Housing is the real endgame.

Learn everything about Final Fantasy XIV: Online Housing from the beginning to advanced techniques & general design tips for fellow FFXIV Housing enthusiasts!

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„A warm and comforting house, full of natural cut lumber and woods seemingly straight from Gridania itself! It’s a Small, built on the first floor, but they managed to make a spacious and roomy two floor home.“

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HGXIV’s Ashen, Dividus & Ellie check out some of the winners from FFXIV’s Furnishing Design Contest 2022!

Basics Guide Content

Contains basic information on the UI of the housing system and it’s functions for novices and people getting into housing

Glitch Guide Content

Contains all kinds of glitches and helpful tricks that you can utilize to decorate the interior and exterior of your build

Design Guide Content

Contains tips and advice on specific setups and descriptions for commonly used design concepts and design theory